Kiddion’s Modest Menu for GTA 5 Online


Kiddions Mod/Modest Menu is one of the best GTA 5 cheat with tons of amazing features. Kiddions is 100% Free and can be used by anyone.

It has numerous features such as Mod guns, cars, money, weather, give yourself clothes, ghost yourself from the map, teleport, call in PVs without having to wait, make a solo online session

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Last update: 2 hours ago
  • Downloads: 109,121
  • Status: Undetected ✓

Modest Menu Features:

  • Generate an unlimited amount of money
  • Instantly increase your RP rank
  • Recover all your accounts in GTA Online
  • Improved security features in the menu
  • Access all clothes, vehicles, and more
  • Create vehicle spawns


How to use Kiddions Modest Menu

First of all download the Kiddions Mod Menu
Open GTA 5
Now run the modest-menu.exe file. You might see “Windows protected your PC”, simply click “More info” > Run anyway
Navigate the menu and start using Kiddions Modest Menu


Frequently asked questions

  • Is Kiddions Mod Menu 100% Safe?
    Kiddions Mod Menu is 100% Safe. However, anit-virus program may be show false positive due to the nature of the program
  • I am getting “unable to find required gta 5 offsets (<Number here>)” what does it mean?
    When Rockstar patched the Kiddions Menu, it shows this warning. All you have to wait for the update pushed by the developer.
  • Kiddions Menu doesn’t show up?
    Go to graphics settings in GTA and set it to windowed borderless
  • Will there be a new update compatible with the new GTAO version?
  • Yes, it will be available when the developer push the update.
  • Will I get banned for using Kiddions Mod Menu?
  • We don’t know 100%, since it’s a modding (exploiting) it will always be fall in the risky category. Just don’t overdo anything and you will be out of the radar.
  • “The transaction failed because Rockstar services received too many requests from your game” What does it mean?
  • You are over doing to mod money and also you’re using drop money which is retarded. Use bunker or casino method instead.
  • The Kiddions menu is flickering how do I fix that?
  • Press F5 and smash the Num 0 button simultaneously
  • Why can’t I navigate the menu?
  • Check if numlock is on


Download Kiddions Modest Menu Latest Version



Kiddions Mod Menu v1.0.0 – January 25 2024

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.3095 Chop Shop DLC
– Added Chop Shop DLC unlocks
– Improve Lua multi threading
– Add Resupply options for Bunker/MC/Acid Labs

Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.10 – July 7 2023

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2944.0
– Added Mercenaries DLC unlocks


Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.9 – April 26, 2023

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2845 (RP Level and Drug War DLC Unlocks working properly again)
– [Game] Add quit button (ask and force)
– [Online Spawn] Fix maxed ISSI8 crash.
– [Online Spawn] Fix custom vehicle tyre smoke color load/save.
– [Protections] Add Disable Remote Sound for networked sounds (for script event sounds use lua scripts, not this)
– [Services] Add Set Delivery option for nightclub delivery missions (tnx @Alice2333)
– [Teleports] Order Personal teleports alphabetically.
– [Vehicle] Add Ramp model flag toggle.
– [Weapon] Add bullets in batch and bullet speed.
– [Lua] Add json.loadfile and json.savefile to save and load persistent settings
– [Lua] Add ped is in cutscene and everyone ignore, police ignore getters/setters
– [Lua] Fix ped config flags range (bugfix)
– [Lua] Add weapon bullets in batch/bullet speed getters/setters
– [Lua] Add vehicle custom primary and secondary color getters/setters

Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.8 – February 13, 2023

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2824
– Enable Online Players sub menu.
– [Services] Fix Bunker Set Delivery.
– [Teleports] Add Taxi and Freakshop teleports.
– [Teleports] Add Snow men locations.
– [Unlocks] Add toggles for jack o’ laterns and snow men.
– [Weapon] Add Railgun bullet impact.
– [Lua] Disable garbage collector mostly, Lua’s GC is way too dumb to see a thread is still running.
– [Lua] Add support for player menu items.
– [Lua] Fix weapon handling.

Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.7 – December 23, 2022

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2802
– [Services] Add Deliver Acid Lab and Deliver Delivery Bike
– [Services] Add trigger for Acid Lab production
– [Tunables] Add DisableOutOfBoundsDeath
– [Protection] Remove “Kick to SP” protection, at least for now. Feel free to write a Lua script instead, disabling crashy scripts event, I might add it back next version.
– [Protection] Extend DisableVehicleKick
– [Lua] Add deliver_acid_lab, deliver_delivery_bike and trigger_acid_lab_production to Lua
– [Config] Add DeliverAcidLab, DeliverDeliveryBike and TriggerAcidLabProduction to hotkey actions


Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.6 – Ocotber 26, 2022

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2699.16
– [Lua] Update “localplayer” variable just before returning to Lua context from “sleep”.

Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.5 – Ocotber 18, 2022

– [Vehicle] Add manual customization of primary and secondary color
– [Online Services] Fix for Nightclub production triggering causing raids when at least two categories are full
– [Online Services] Fix Remove Payphone Cooldown
– [Online Services] Add precision Rifle to Get Weapon
– [Online Services] Add Drop Beer service
– [Online Services] Add Go to Beach Party
– [Online Spawn] Fix missing vehicles
– [Online Spawn] Add wheel customization
– [Online Spawn] Use Livery text label
– [Online Spawn] Fix: attempt to exclude E&E broken content in Online Vehicle Spawning
– [Lua] Fix action item validator call
– [Tunables] Improve No Idle Kick (thanks to DMKiller)
– [Lua] Fix float_range set value call
– [Lua] Fix scripts reload on hanging scripts
– [Lua] Fix issues when calling sleep from a callback
– [Lua] Fix stats.set_masked_int()
– [Lua] Add ped:get_velocity()
– [Lua] Add menu.go_to_cayo_beach_party()
– [Lua] Add “OnScriptsLoaded” event and improve (re)loading scripts
– [Hotkeys] Add “GoToCayoBeachParty” action

Kiddions Mod Menu v0.9.4 – August 2, 2022

– Updated for GTA5 1.0.2699.0
– Add new vehicle hashes
– [Player] Add Mobile Radio by popular request
– [Player] Make it harder to abuse god mode to ruin other people’s game play
– [Single Player] Add SP Set Hour by popular request
– [Unlocks] Add Criminal Enterprises DLC unlocks
– [Teleport] Add Spaceship Parts locations
– [Tunables] Add Remove Payphone Cooldown
– [Settings] Add theme support
– [Lua] Run all callbacks in separate threads and make “sleep” preemptive.
– [Lua] Add more vehicle handling functions
– [Lua] Add optional OnEnter callback for menu.add_submenu/submenu:add_submenu.
– [Config] Rename DeliverSeaSparrow to DeliverSparrow
– [Config] Remove backward compatibility for very old config files.